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Am I too young or too old to learn?          

Most of my younger students start learning between 6-10 years of age. However, increasing I am being asked can I teach children as young as 5? The answer is yes, and I successfully continue to teach children at this age.  The key to their success is that they require lots of encouragement from parents /guardians where there participation is critical to keep them motivated.  For my part, I recognise this that the learning environment needs to be fun and therefore I have adopted a number of strategies and games that encourage them to play but learn at the same time. This involves playing counting games, creating their own simple tunes. I believe that being a creative thinker at such a young age is important and playing the piano really endorses that.

For my mature students, there is no upper limit. Learning too play the piano can be a lifetime activity – whatever age you are. It’s a personal experience and journey for most people and the rewards are immense.

What sort of music do I teach?

Simple, once we have learnt the basics, you tell me what you like and we’ll learn it – simple as that.

How many lessons do I have to commit to?

All of my lessons are tailored to the student and are individual. The first lesson is free and I’m kind of hoping you’ll like it and come back for some more. So,for the first few lessons, I’m happy to take it a week at a time, to ensure your happy with the teaching and more importantly the environment. After that I tend to work in blocks of 4 ie monthly, which tends to work for most students and their families. But I’m chilled about these thing, so happy to go with what works…….

How long are lessons?

For most, 1/2 hour lessons is long enough. Like learning any new skill, I try and start of gently and week by week build up your knowledge and in turn your skill. As time progresses, the complexity of the music you will learn and play will get more difficult but you skill set increases which levels this out. Maybe at this point if you wanted to you could extend your lesson time.

Do you teach complete Beginners ?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I help my Child learn – even though I don’t play?

Yes you can. Simply by taking the time to listen is usually all that it takes. Children have a natural desire to please, so just giving them your time to listen and to encourage them when they get it wrong to try again goes without saying worth its weight in gold!!!!