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Your Piano Lessons

What Can I offer?                                       

  • Fun
  • Creativity
  • Trust and a great learning experience for you or your child

More than anything, its important to me that my piano studio is comfortable and relaxing. Whether its your son, daughter or yourself from the moment we start lessons I will give bags of encouragement all the way. We will start small and understand how music is written and from day one begin to build up your knowledge base and start that magical journey of playing and creativity.

Creativity is important especially for my younger students, I want to help them be independent thinkers and so making up and writing their own short musical compositions is something I build into my teaching as we build up their knowledge. It’s great fun and its something they can own almost right away and say …look I did that!!

Confidence. Being able to play the piano from an early age helps to empower children giving them confidence. I encourage students to take risks, not to be afraid to play. Are there any wrong notes ? or is it that the order in which we play them has been slightly mixed up. So let’s change them and empower the student at the same time.

Benefits of Learning to play the piano:

  • Increased levels of concentration
  • Increase level of fine motor skills
  • Being able to apply critical thinking
  • Increased levels of self-confidence
  • Being Creative

Most importantly – to have some fun along the way.

Other things on offer:

  • Encouragement, patience, skill and fun ( in abundance)
  • 75% of my students (of all ages) have been learning with me for over 6 years and continue to develop.
  • Teaching the correct technique from day one – but in a fun way (nothing boring).
  • I’m incredibly passionate about teaching and want to develop you or your childs’ passion for playing the piano.
  • I am great with teaching children (6-16). From an early age I am able to build trust, motivation and skill. I currently have at least 10 students under 10.
  • I am an approved tutor for the Swindon Music Service.
  • As a composer, I am interested in developing each student to be creative and expressive by exploring their own compositions. from a very early stage. This allows students to take control and have some fun.
  • Teach all styles of music – Classical, Rock, Jazz contemporary. To take music exam’s (only if they want to).

Please contact me for more information.  I offer 30 minute lesson or new to Pianotimes, I am now able to offer a  20 minute lesson for £11.00.