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Student Profile

Student Profile:

Name: Sophie

Years learning & playing the piano with me: 6 years CONGRATULATIONS SOPHIE ON PASSING YOUR GRADE 4 (DEC 2017)

Starting age: 7         Current Grade: 4

Sophie started learning to play the piano with me over 6 years ago and is now flourishing as a pianist. Through many hours of fun, dedication and practice Sophie has really become an accomplished player. I thought for anyone interested in learning I asked Sophie some questions about playing and her thoughts on lessons:

Q. So Sophie you were about 7-8 when you started lesson with me, that was over 6 years ago, what made you stick with it?

Well, my mum kind of introduced me and made me go to piano lessons with you when I first started. I liked the idea that was something I could kind of do on my own and in my own time and it just carried on.

Q. So your now at grade 4-5 level of playing which is fairly accomplished player. What advice would you give to any parent or student considering learning to play?

Give it a go, you have nothing to loose. It isn’t always easy in fact sometimes it is really difficult, but you don’t have to learn it all in one go and you learn everything in stages. It’s not like school and so Neil, the teacher works with and helps you with the bits that you struggle with and often makes it look really easy – when it often isn’t. But he teaches you how to do it.

Q. Is it stressful?

Not really. Well only if you decide to do exams. No it’s quite relaxed. Some of the music I am playing is quite tricky. I have my exam in November, grade 4 and it’s definitely harder than grade 3, but that’s cool.

Q. What advice would you give someone thinking about lessons?

Just give it a go. It’s quite oven good fun and really rewarding when you can play something well, especially in front of friends or family who can’t play. It’s really cool, I am glad I did it.

thanks Sophie………