2018… the story so far this year

2018 has seen a huge uptake in piano lessons @pianotimes.co.uk.  Since January we have taken on 12 new students and the studio just keeps on going from strength to strength. A big thank you to all my students and particularly the parents of my younger students who continue to invest their time and money in getting them to practice, especially with all of todays distractions and competition for their time.

It continues to remain a privilege to be a piano teacher. Taking a student on as a complete beginner and watch them grow in confidence with their playing is second to none. I want to say particular well done to all my students who passed their exams at the end of last year, gaining distinctions and merits in grades 1-5. It has been amazing journey and continues to be so.

I often get asked by parents… What can they do to help?  well simple really get involved and celebrate the successes with your children. Your child/children need help. Even though you may not be able to play or read music, the most important thing is to practice regularly and to sit and listen to them play. Providing encouragement through difficult sections. Your input will make a substantial progress to your child’s learning. As your child progresses, the music becomes harder and the greater need for a positive practice environment. Try and help them by avoiding cramming the day before a lesson.  Work out a routine and stick to it, focusing on the piece(s) in hand.

Lastly, ……..please remember learning to play music is a life changing experience and as a parent it is a rewarding and a thrill to watch.

A pleasure as always