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Welcome – Meet The Teacher

Welcome to Piano Times in Swindon

My name is Neil James and I would be delighted to talk with you about teaching you or your children the piano and the many opportunities that arises from being able to play and read music. Please click to allow me introduce myself.

What I offer is an approach to learning the piano that firstly is fun but also aims to empower and build confidence in children and for that matter all my students. With over 16 years of teaching experience I have taken and nurtured many students through the years to develop and flourish into accomplished pianists. Some of my students are now approaching their 10th year of learning with me and are taking their higher grade ABRSM exams and gaining good marks. Former students have gone onto achieve grade 8 and Diploma after many years of study with me.

Value & Outcomes
From humble beginnings the studio has a number of students that have really excelled in their learning and are now playing the kind of music they want too play.”The Greatest Showman, James Bond, Star Wars” to name but a few. All of this has been achieved within their first year of learning.

What am I trying to achieve?

Irrespective of age, first and foremost I want all my students to learn to play the piano and enjoy it. I achieve this by encouraging all students to learn the music they want to play and together, set the goals they want to achieve. By having the right goals and a style of teaching that is both formal and informal creates an enriched learning environment. Most of all – I want you to have fun.

How Do I teach?

Simple. My job is to empower my student to constantly improve and learn new skills in playing. It doesn’t matter how many times you go over something…my philosopy is that “you don’t know it until you know it”. It is important to me that no student feels inadequate in the studio. We all learn by getting things wrong. So, I teach with two values in mind Trust and Confidence. You trust me to show you how to get it right when it goes wrong and the confidence within you to learn to get it right.

Each new piece of music is another step on the journey and presents new challenges and new skills that need to mastered. I will teach you to do this by breaking down pieces into manageable sections, teach you how to apply techniques that involve fingering, hand movement and coordination. How to begin reading notes as phrases rather than just individual notes.

What does a student look/sound like at the end of their first year? Please have a listen to one of my younger students playing…….

No two students are the same and everybody is different. However, by the end of your first year you will be able to play the piano and confidently play tunes you, your family and friends will recognise. Some students my have or will begin to work towards their piano exams, others will have other goals and objectives and will be well on their way into learning the style/genre of music that motivated them to start playing in the first place. Please click on the link below to see other students playing.

If you or your children maybe interested in lessons either as a complete beginner or not, or have any questions then please do get in contact. I would be delighted to discuss them with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to hear me play or if your interested in a Free Trial and more information please contact me

Kind Regards